Formula Fears: Illegal Imports

Why you don’t have to worry about American formula – Babytalk

Finding the Right Baby Formula

Organic or generic? Our guide will help take the guesswork out – Parenting

Video: Baby Development Milestones

Watch one baby’s development from 5 weeks to 12 months — videos of crawling, standing, pulling up, smiling –

Kids Health QA: Bottle Weaning

How do I help my 16-month old break the bottle habit? – Parenting

Bottle-Feeding Primer

4 pediatrician tips about bottle-feeding – Parenting

The Truth About Feeding Your Baby

How to raise a healthy, happy eater – Parenting

Babytalk Insider’s Guide

Excerpts from The Babytalk Insider’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year: Expert Advice That Tells It Like It Is — Plus the Secrets That Nobody Else Reveals. – 

Safer Bottles and Sippy Cups

Have concerns about your baby’s plastic bottles or cups? Here’s how to err on the side of caution – Babytalk

Prepping for “Standard Time”

Help your toddler adjust when the clocks change – Parenting

Toxic Baby Bottles?

A toxic chemical in plastic baby bottles may pose a danger to your baby — here’s what you need to know – Parenting

On Call: Why Babies Spit Up

Why does my baby always spit up after a feeding? – Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears: Feeding Battles

How can I explain to my mother that I don’t like how she’s feeding my baby without offending her? – Parenting

Bye-bye, Bottle

Tips for switching to the sippy cup – Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears: Constant Spitting Up

My baby is constantly spitting up. Is this normal? – Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears: Persistant Cradle Cap

What can I do to cure the cradle cap? – Parenting

New Carry-On Restrictions

Tighter security measures implemented on airlines – Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears: Combo-Feeding Tips

My milk flow is generally slow and my daughter doesn’t get enough at a feeding, so our lactation consultant has suggested that we supplement with formula. Sometimes, I’ll only express two ounces of milk at a time, but I’m wondering if I can I mix the breast milk I’ve expressed with an equal amount of formula in the same bottle for a feeding? – Parenting

Soy Formula: The Real Scoop

– Babytalk

Burping 101

A primer for new moms – Parenting

Is Nipple Confusion a Myth?

When can a breastfed baby learn to take that first bottle? Doctors and moms shed new light on an old way of thinking – Babytalk

The Skinny on Baby Fat

Is your baby a little pudgy? When to worry, when not to – Babytalk

The Babycare Rule Everyone Breaks

Follow these safety precautions when bottlefeeding your baby – Babytalk

Ask Dr. Sears: Cows’ Milk for Babies?

– Parenting

Classic Vs. Modern Formulas

– Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears: Bottle Drinking

What Really Matters to Moms – Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears: Better Bottle-Feeding

I can’t breastfeed my baby — can I bond with him when I give him his bottle? – Parenting

Formula Firsts

My baby is a healthy 3-month-old who is formula fed because I had several breastfeeding problems. Are the new formulas with DHA and ARA more like breast milk? – Parenting

The Biggest Decisions New Parents Face

Breast or bottle? Pacifier or not? What you need to know to make 7 key choices – Parenting

What to Expect: When Does Formula Spoil?

– Babytalk
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