These rubber and silicone subs come in a variety of contours all claiming to imitate the natural action and shape of mother’s breast. None do! Orthodontic- type nipples insert farther back into baby’s mouth, allowing a more natural milking action of the tongue, but inconveniently require a “which way to turn the nipple” decision. Be sure baby sucks on the widened base of this nipple, not just the tip. The expandable nubbin-type nipples are designed to elongate during sucking but only if baby opens his mouth wide enough and sucks hard enough to draw the nipple farther in. Most, however, only suck on the protruded part. This nipple should be avoided for the breastfeeding baby, who may learn lazy latch-on habits from it. The easiest is the standard bulb-type with a wide base that best allows baby to form a tighter seal.

For the full-time bottlefeeding baby, simply experiment with various types of nipples to see which one works best for your baby. If baby is both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding, use a nipple with a wide base.

To lessen the rubbery taste of an artificial nipple and to sterilize them, boil for five minutes before first use. To avoid baby’s choking on a nipple, carefully follow the manufacturer’s caution advice on the package. If the nipple becomes cracked or torn, discard it. Some nipples come with a variety of hole sizes to fit the type of liquid and the age of the baby. The nipple hole should be large enough for the formula to drip at one drop per second when you hold a full, unshaken bottle upside down. Larger nipples and nipple holes are available for older babies.


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