My toddler doesn’t seem to want cow’s milk. Any tricks I can try?

Some toddlers greedily gulp whole cow’s milk right off the bat. But because milk has a different texture, taste, and even temperature than breast milk or formula, some kids are hesitant to make the switch. If that’s the case for your toddler, try mixing whole milk with some breast milk or formula at first (say, one part whole milk and three parts of his usual stuff). Then slowly shift the ratio until he’s drinking 100 percent whole milk.

You might also try giving him just a little bit of whole milk at a time — a few tablespoons as a treat — until he asks for more. Or mix it with some cereal. And remember, just because your toddler is drinking his own milk from a cup now doesn’t mean that you need to stop nursing him. Just make sure that breast milk isn’t his primary source of nourishment. He’s grown to where he needs more.


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