Preparation of Formula Milk


select the right formula

The basic ingredient in most commercial baby milk preparations is cow’s milk which has been modified to make it as similar to mother’s milk as possible. Select a formula that is closest to human milk in composition, i.e. in the types and proportions of proteins, fats, sugars, sodium, etc. Choose a formula that dissolves easily in boiled water without leaving any granules. Special formulas are available for babies with milk allergies or metabolic disorders. Do not use any formula without the approval of your baby’s physician.

formulas should I avoid

  • Do not use home-made formula because formula made from fresh milk sugar and water will not be as good as human milk.  It will not nourish your baby and may impose a severe strain on the baby’s immature kidneys. 
  • Avoid condensed milk preparations and those that contain excessive sugar and have poor nutritional value. 
  • Skimmed milk powders are not advisable because of their low energy content.

 prepare a bottle feed using milk powder

Put the necessary amount of boiled water in the bottle. Add the required amount of milk powder to the water. Remember to level the spoonfuls with a knife. Once you have added the powder to the water in the bottle, place the teat in reverse and tighten the cap of the bottle. Shake the bottle well until the powder is completely dissolved. Cool the bottle under running water and ensure that the temperature of the milk is lukewarm before feeding the baby. 

making the milk more concentrated

It is important that you stick to instructions and do not give more than the amount of milk powder than is recommended. If you do, the feed may become too rich for the baby. Your baby will begin to feel thirsty and become restless. 

For how long can I keep formula milk

You can prepare the milk and refrigerate it, but not for longer than 24 hours. Warm refrigerated milk by keeping the bottle in a container of hot water for a few minutes. 

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