The Family Involved in Bottle Feeding Baby

Bottle feeding can be a family occasion. This can be especially helpful for a mother with a newly arrived baby. During this time feeding her child will be a happy though very tiring time. Getting others in your family to help out can be a great help at this time.

Let daddy bottle feed baby

This is something most fathers really love doing. Just like mom, dad experiences the intense emotional and physical bond between himself and baby. At first, he will probably feel awkward bottle feeding baby – just as a mother does when she first bottle feeds. But give him time and some encouragement and he’ll soon get into the swing of things. Pass on to him the tips that you’ve learned and, before you know it, he’ll be passing on tips to you! When dad feeds his child, just like mom, he’s able to distinguish one cry from another, and know exactly how to soothe and feed a hungry baby.


Don’t forget about your other children

Just about all children are fascinated by the arrival of a new brother or sister. They instinctively want to help mother and to get involved in the rearing of the new baby. Teaching them how to bottle feed is a great way to get them involved. Just remember to be patient when teaching them and always supervise feeding. Here are some tips on how to teach your children to bottle feed baby.

  • Choose a calm time when baby is not very hungry.
  • Sit the baby of the floor and provide good support. .
  • Show your child the proper way to hold the baby, emphasizing the need for proper head and neck support.
  • Encourage the child to offer the baby a bottle; allow time for your infant to adjust to the new feeder.
  • Always stay with the child to help and offer encouragement.
  • Encourage her to make eye contact with the baby.
  • If the child is old enough, you can help her burp the baby (see the burping positions above).
  • Praise your child for the help she provided.


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