Why Formula Milk Should be Illegal

Newly born mammals are relatively helpless. To ensure optimum development of the baby, mother’s milk contains different substances enhancing growth and development of organs. Mother’s milk contents differ very much from cow’s milk contents (and soy milk contents of course). Logically, the less human infants have been breast-fed, they generally become dumber (1):  

* “breastfeeding associated with significantly higher scores for cognitive development than formula feeding”

* “duration of breastfeeding significant predictor of later cognitive or educational outcomes”

* “the longer the child has been breastfed, the more pronounced the effect”

* “prolonged breastfeeding significantly related to scores reflecting general cognitive capacity”

* “the exclusively breastfed group showed more advanced”

* “beneficial effect of breastfeeding on postnatal neurological development”

* “breastfeeding associated with higher mean in children’s intelligence”

* “more infants fed term formula had low verbal IQ”

* “significant association between duration of breast milk feeding and verbal IQ”

* “strong positive relationship between breastfeeding and PPVT-R scores” 


…and fatter (2), and more susceptible to infections and diseases. (3)

Every child deserves the best start in life, and therefore has to be breast-fed for at least 1½ year. If your child is born with teeth, or gets these within half a year, and feeding hurts too much, check La Leche League (FAQ on biting) or you can use a pump.

Many foods contain chemicals that interfere with hormones that regulate lactation. To prevent the child from rejecting mother’s milk *and to prevent allergies), mama needs to adapt her diet. 

Mama also benefits from breast-feeding her child : breast-feeding = losing adipose fat. When she breastfeeds, the body produces different hormones increasing transformation of adipose fat into mothers’ milk-fat. (supplying the child with 52% of required energy) 

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